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Welcome to POSITIVE FLOAT Coastal Rowing

Supporting the growing global community of Coastal Rowers

POSITIVE FLOAT is dedicated to helping people from all backgrounds to access the sport of rowing - focused mainly on the new World Rowing standard of Coastal Rowing boats that are fast, stable and robust.

What’s Happening

There’s always something fun and exciting happening at POSITIVE FLOAT — we’re always on the move with new ideas to promote Coastal Rowing. We like to keep our community informed about what’s happening. This site contains information that you might find interesting if you are already a rower or thinking of taking part in outdoor activity.


Calendar of events


Coastal Rowing locations


Where can you try the sport?

A few centres that we know of

When is it best to contact us?

Email us anytime, we'll try and return your messages within 24 hours

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All Videos

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All Categories
Rowing techniques
Sunny autumn day in North Kent

Surfing the shore break

Wave punching!

Double capsize recovery

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