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Boat manufacturers

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Based in Portugal with a range of both Coastal and Fine boats

Eurodiffussion / RS Boats

Supplier of Coastal Rowing boats based in France


Single, double and quad boats


Based in Italy and moving into Coastal from a long history in high performing Fine boats


Glideboats have been designing and producing some excellent 'entry' rowing boats that are more rugged and cheaper than those made in the conventional way (similar in concept to root-moulded kayaks). They are great for learning and a lot of fun.

Their new 'Glidetide' is due out soon and could be a game-changer for rowing schools.


New entrant to the Coastal Rowing scene - we are keen to try out their boats and see how they perform.


Based in Sweden and manufacturing Coastal singles and doubles. Championed by Peter Berg, former World Champion


French based manufacturer led by Mattieu Bonnier after participating in extreme rowing challenges.


Based in Alicante area of Spain


Based in Italy near Pisa, producing Fine and Coastal boats

Sea Sabre

Small boat manufacturer based in Beer, England with experience from ocean rowing.


Suppliers of boats to the World Rowing Offshore Championships in 2019. Manufacturing based in China

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