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North and South

Quality time for children and family consists of friendly faces, imaginary places and lots of fun! Your family will love our Swimming. These programs are specifically designed with age-appropriate needs in mind. Take a look at all the fun activities we are offering this year!


Sandy beach with rocks


Epic windsurfing and kitesurfing beach - known for the swell and surf in prevailing South West winds.

We rowed it in light winds, with some small swell still coming it to give challenging conditions. 

Great if you have experience and want a challenge!

Sandy Beach

Pwhelli, North Wales

Excellent facilities at the sailing club - its worth contacting them to see if you are able to use the bar / restaurant area and roof terrace. Can recommend the sausage stew. They also have facilities for camper van hook ups and outside drying machines (pure luxury).

The curving bay allows you to mix it up and try waves from various angles.

Sandy beach

Aberporth, South West Wales

Sandy beach on the (normally) sheltered north coast. Strong club atmosphere... seemingly based at the local pub near the slipway...

We attended the Welsh Open Champs here is 2018 and had a great welcome from the local clubs. Lots of smiles and banter - epitomises Coastal Rowing... even if they need some sliding seats!

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Whitesands & Ramsey Island, West Wales

Spectacular and challenging location with changeable currents. 

Make sure you are well prepared, trained and have good equipment / support before venturing out. Particularly high risk around Ramsey Island due to tidal race (The 'Bitches') between the island and mainland.

Welsh Rowing organise regular annual 'round Ramsey' events, so try and link in with them for some moral and logistical support.

Sandy beach

Saundersfoot, South West Wales

Soon to become the venue for the 2022 World Coastal Rowing and Beach Sprints Championships, this tiny town will be seen on a global stage.

Beach is relatively sheltered from the prevailing winds but the occasional swell will make it through. 

Access to the town is tight - very narrow roads, steep hills and low railway bridges. Check it out before taking large trailers or high vehicles.

Estuary launch

Towy, West Wales

The home of Welsh FISA rowing - launch from the rowing club and use the high tide - check with the club first, of course.

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