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Creators of Coastal Part 6 - Liteboat

Mathieu Bonnier is channeling his spirit of adventure into the design and manufacture of coastal rowing boats since returning from his solo crossing of the Atlantic.

His aim is to provide coastal rowing boats for all. The team are working with a naval architect to produce easy to use light and stable boats that are easy to climb into. In addition to boats, Mathieu outlines their support for much needed coaching and instruction.

Mathieu talks about coastal rowing echoing the scene in other fast evolving sports such as running and cycling where people are enjoying trails mountains. He wants to open up nature, tide, wind and the sea to rowers of all ages.

With singles, doubles, trebles and quads in both World Rowing racing specifications and lighter recreational 'sport' models, Liteboat have a strong offering.

Liteboat clearly have more ideas for the future including boats for younger rowers and families with dogs, so expect more Innovation in the coming years.

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