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Creators of Coastal Part 5 - Kanghua Boats

Kanghua Coastal have recently entered the coastal rowing scene and are already having success with their boats, with good results at the World Championship in Portugal and Monaco in 2021.

With top rowers such as Adrian Miramon choosing to use their boats, we thought that it was a good time to talk to Kanghua about them.

In this interview with Eric Sims explains how Kanghua have produced an upgraded design that is derived from the later Eurodiffusion shell with the help of a Eurodiffusion engineer, Peter Doyle in Ireland and a specialist marine engineer.

Kanghua say that they have achieved a high quality durable boat and have refined the fittings from the earlier versions. They are also pushing for lighter boat weights in the World Rowing standards - as Eric explains these can be achieved without additional cost.

They also have plans to start using autoclave technology in the near future to further improve the structural integrity of the boats.

Delivery challenges caused by transport disruption seem to be under control and prices are currently holding steady.

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